Our poultry flocks are a major contributor of soil fertility on our pastures, turning our farm-milled organic feed into powerful fertilizer.  They break up the cow manure and grass thatch that accumulates in the pastures, allowing new plants to germinate and thrive.  As we move the poultry paddocks to a new area of the farm each year, we see the beneficial impact in the following grazing season.


We raise slower-growing chicken breeds that are more active, better foragers, and are slaughtered at 8 to 12 weeks — almost twice as long as conventional (and even supermarket organic) birds.  They are given fresh greens and soil in the brooder from the beginning, and moved onto pasture at three to four weeks.  While on pasture they are truly free range and able to forage, run, play and rest outdoors 24 hours a day.

Our poultry housing and paddocks are moved across the pasture throughout the season so that the birds always have access to fresh forage and grubs, and their impact is evenly and beneficially spread across the farm.  We supplement the birds’ foraging with certified organic, soy-and-corn-free feed we purchase from a trusted BC organic feed mill.   All our poultry is slaughtered and packaged right here on the farm — hatch day to harvest day, we control every detail.

Nobody raises poultry like we do, and you can definitely taste the difference.  The meat is darker, richer, and more nutrient dense.  The sweet, flavourful skin on these birds is worth fighting over, and the broth you’ll make after you’ve picked the carcass clean will be golden and nutritious.   You’ll never go back to supermarket chicken or turkey.  Enjoy!

Laying Hens