I’ve had a lot of customers ask me for ideas of how to use ground pork.  Ground pork will take any burger, meatloaf or meatball to the next level, but here’s one of my favourite easy early summer meals.

Pork Ball Phở
Disclaimer: This is not a traditional Phở, just this farmers very loose interpretation!

First make the broth:
Simmer Spray Creek pork bones (roast first for extra flavour), with some ginger, celery, onion, and carrots, for 8-24 hours and strain (you can make big batches ahead of time and freeze in ziplock bags for future use).

Next make the soup:
1. Soak the noodles in hot water water according to package instructions.
2. Grate or slice carrots, kale, radishes, celery, or any other veggies you can find in the garden or at the farmers market, and shape the ground pork into small balls (add salt if you’d like).
3. Bring the pork stock to a light boil, and add the veggies and pork balls.  Continue to simmer a few minutes until the pork is cooked.  Now add the pre-soaked noodles and serve!
Everyone in the family can customize their own bowls with their favourite Asian sauces and garnishes. Enjoy!

Stock Ingredients:
-Pork Bones
-Salt or Soy Sauce
-Celery (optional)
-Carrots (optional)
-Fish Sauce (optional)

Soup Ingredients:
-Ground pork
-Rice or bean thread noodles
-Seasonal veggies (try carrots, celery, cabbage, radishes, peppers, even kale!)

Garnish Ideas:
-Green Onion
-Thai Basil
-Soy Sauce or Bragg’s
-Rice Vinegar
-Hoisin Sauce
-Chili Sauce
-Sesame Oil


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