All our livestock enterprises are BC Certified Organic through the North Okanagan Organic Association (NOOA 04-313).  We work hard to reduce our inputs, localize our purchasing when possible and to ensure that all our animals benefit the land.  Find out more about our different livestock species below.


We love our cows!  Cattle are our primary tool for regeneration on the farm and they work hard for us everyday turning grass and mountain water into fertility.   We precisely control their movement to mimic the natural movements of wild grazing herds.


Our pigs act as a disturbance agent on the farm, and that isn’t just when they break out of their fence and get into the garden!  We use these strong (and strong-willed) creatures to break up the ground in preparation for reseeding more diverse pastures.  


Our poultry flocks are a major contributor of soil fertility on our pastures, turning our farm-milled organic feed into powerful fertilizer.  They break up the cow manure and grass thatch that accumulates in the pastures, allowing new plants to germinate and thrive.