If you know Tristan, you know that when he’s not farming, he’s thinking about farming, and that extends to his favourite hobby – volunteering.  Recently, he was overheard in town describing himself as a ‘professional volunteer’.  He spends a lot of his time working to create opportunities in regenerative agriculture across BC through his work with agricultural non-profits, especially in the winter months.  Why, you might ask?

We’d like to share an article Tristan wrote recently for the BC Organic Grower detailing the challenges faced by businesses like ours.  It isn’t easy to grow any business, but in the case of small-scale meat production, there are barriers to growth that require regulatory change.  If you are a farming nerd, or are interested in the challenges we face in trying to bring you Meat From Here, please read the full article here.

And for your interest, here are the societies that Tristan and Aubyn are involved with at the board level (click to learn more):

Small-Scale Meat Producers Association

Image result for coabc

Lillooet Farmers’ Market

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  1. Hurrah! Keep raising the Association profile! Buyers NEED to know what is going on – It is near-criminal – sorry to be so dramatic but Honest to Pete, your group is so humble, yet look at what you are up against. It is nothing short of organized small-farmercide. Tell us readers in your next newsletter who we should write to, how we can help.

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