Joey ~ Squamish

I always recommend people buy from Spray Creek, or as I call you, the vegan farmers lol Since I was vegetarian/vegan for 15 years prior to eating meat I appreciate know you on a more personal basis and trust that the animals are raised with love, care and compassion. That is something that is really important to me. It’s nice knowing I can trust you have a clean, healthy, organic and regenerative product. Thank you for doing all you do!

Jan ~ Lillooet

I believe in and buy Spray Creek products because they’re local, easy to purchase,, and knowing the supplier people, I have total trust in what they advertise. They’ve also made it easy for a non-computer-smart elder to access their services.

Vivian ~ Lillooet

So proud to have Spray Creek here in Lillooet and the puppy loves the new ‘chew’ products.

Audrey ~ Squamish

Some of the best meat I’ve had in a long while! Great care to animals and superb customer service! Really happy to have found this farm. 🙂

Carlin ~ Squamish

Spray Creek is the real deal. They’ve built their entire operation to reflect their core values, and I turned into a raving fan a long time ago. It’s simply not possible to find more ethically, socially or ecologically responsible meat. Not to mention that it’s absolutely delicious!

Dave ~ Squamish

Spray Creek meats are the best and their system for ordering and pickup is totally simple and hassle free.