Sonia ~ Whistler (Spruce Grove)

We love Spray Creek’s practices, product and service, they are a delight to work with and we don’t hesitate to recommend them.

Sue ~ Squamish

We really appreciate your delicious meats, knowing you take great care raising your animals ethically and organically. Thank you for all your hard work.

John ~ Squamish

We will miss your high quality products if you move to Wednesday only delivery because that doesn’t work for us.

Paula ~ Cheakamus

You guys are incredible and the meat and eggs are fantastic such a beautiful food, the taste is fantastic.


As a former vegetarian who still only eats meat products occasionally I am truly comfortable consuming products from Spray Creek. Know the welfare of the animals and the land are their top priority is very important to me. Also, buying local from good people is a great added bonus!

Bethan ~ Squamish

Really quality meat from animals that you know have had the best life possible.

Amy ~ Lillooet

I absolutely love your products! The variety of nutrient packed protein is amazing. Knowing where my meat comes from is very important to me in feeding my family. I love what Spray Creek is doing, and we need more farmers like this.

Heather ~ Squamish

Great people and great products! Love that there are recipes in the newsletters. Tristan & Aubyn give us tips on how to cook the cut and get the most out of it. Brining a turkey is the best!!

MJ~ Whistler (Spruce Grove)

I love supporting regenerative farming. The fact that Spray Creek is local and organic is a bonus! I ate only plants for many years, and when my naturopathic doctor recommended me to bring animal protein back into my diet, I was very relieved to find Spray Creek Ranch. Their sustainable approach checks all the right boxes, and I love the high quality of their meats. I feel good eating Spray Creek Ranch meat products.